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How can I register for a Superior account?

You can register for a Superior Sewing account via this page.

How can I access Superior’s eCommerce area?

Please note: Superior sells exclusively to dealers, distributors, and other resellers. However, sewn product manufacturers and other end users may view basic part information (no pricing) from Superior’s database. Please see our registration page for more information.

In order to access data in Superior’s computers, you need to establish a User I.D. and Password and register with Superior. Depending on whether you are an End User or a Distributor/Dealer, your User I.D. and Password will allow you access to different areas in our system.

After you receive your User I.D. and Password, click the eCommerce tab and enter your User I.D. and Password.

How can I allow other users to access Superior’s eCommerce area?

This applies to distributors/dealers only, not end users.

Only one user per company needs to be set up by Superior. This user will be designated as the “Administrator” for your company. The Administrator will have the ability to create new users for your company, update user information, and remove users when they leave the company. (This last one is very important!) The User Admin option will appear only on the administrator’s main menu.  It is on the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Where can I search for parts?

Because Superior sells exclusively to dealers, distributors and other resellers you must first register.  For more information on how to register you can go to the ecommerce tab and click on Register Now.

Where can I get more information about the featured products?

We have two areas where you can get more information on our featured products.  Both are located under the Reference Material tab.

The Featured Products section contains products we are highlighting and will change periodically.  Here, you can view the featured products and read about their features and functions.  You will often find additional information about these products (and many other products) in our Flyers section.  This section will be useful if you need to print or download a product flyer.

You may want to come back often as we are always adding new featured products and flyers!

Where can I find the machine catalog I need?

All the available machine catalogs are located in the Reference Material tab as Catalogs/Ref Materials. If you do not find what you are looking for you can contact your sales representative and we will attempt to locate a copy.

What is SDS?

A Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is a document that gives detailed information about the nature of a chemical, such as physical and chemical properties, health, safety, fire, and environmental hazards of a chemical product, etc.

Where can I find a Material Safety Data Sheets (SDS)?

All the available Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are located in the Reference Material tab as SDS. If you do not find what you are looking for, you can contact your sales representative and request a copy.

Where can I see an index of videos?

All our videos are on our youtube channel. Here you can view the full index of our videos and even create a playlist for later!

How can I find out if Superior will be at a tradeshow?

We may not exhibit at all tradeshows, but we will certainly attend most of the major tradeshows.  The Current Events tab will highlight the shows where we will be exhibiting or attending.  For more information on a particular show, please contact your sales representative.

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